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Do you need to find out how to deal with garage door problems? Read the following tips and find smart solutions for all issues

Use steel wool for removing rust from the garage door

When there is a lot of rust, the solvent will not work as quickly and as effectively as you would like. That is why you should scrape it off with steel wool first. The thicker and tougher the steel wool is the better. Once you have removed most of the rust, you can use the solvent for complete cleaning.

Provide lubrication to the moving metal parts of the opener

If you have a chain drive unit, you have to lubricate the chain. If you have a screw drive unit, you need to apply lubricant to the screw. Use a product recommended by the opener's manufacturer. It should not be sticky. Our specialists in garage door repair Demarest suggest that you apply a small amount.

Great garage door ventilation

According to our experts in Demarest this is an important consideration even if you live in relatively cold conditions. In summer it is certainly of the essence. You can have louvers at the top of the door to let in air or place little holes within the wall. You can put exhaust fans near the installation.

Get a new garage door with galvanized metal parts

The galvanization process involves the coating of the steel with zinc. The layer of zinc works to provide protection from rust and corrosion. That is why it is particularly valuable for all metal hardware components. The phenomenal technicians of Garage Door Repair Demarest confirm that galvanization allows the parts to work optimally for longer.

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