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If you have garage door problems and wondering how to fix them, find answers to your questions here

What kind of lubricant should I pick for the metal parts?

You should check your owner's manual to see whether the garage door manufacturer recommends any particular product. If not, you should use a non-sticky lubricant formulated for moving parts. Our experts recommend that you apply small amounts of it after cleaning the metal parts fully.

How do I protect the garage door tracks from damage?

You should clean the garage floor during the winter to ensure that no road salts get in contact with the tracks. You have to inspect the brackets which hold the tracks on a regular basis and tighten them, if needed. You have to remove any rust instantly. You have to provide proper lubrication as well.

What is a chain-drive opener?

It is a type of garage door opener that is very popular and is probably the oldest style of opener, according to our experts. The thing with a chain-drive opener is that it makes a lot of noise, which could be either helpful or annoying.

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